With the beginning of 2022 our company – Nole Mont, celebrates 30 years of business.

Back in 1992, Nole Mont grew from a small craft shop into a modern company that today employs 280 workers. Nole Mont presence on the market of Serbia and Germany is reflected through 43 active construction sites and over 230 completed projects.

We are aware of the fact that social responsibility and community support are one of the main missions for every company. We are proud that, since 2018, our company is providing our employees solidarity assistance of 500€ for every newborn child.  Unfortunately, so far this aid has been given only 23 times.  Additionally, we are a ktetor-endower of the Temple of Saint Sava. Neither the less we are engaging in other aid initiatives.

The first 30 years are behind us but we strive for new victories with even greater zeal and energy. We owe great gratitude to our business partners and the pillar of our company – our employees. We wish all of them good health and mutual success in the coming years.

Feel free to read the director’s letter addressed to the employees available below.